Brother sent this dream

Walam Shykh,
My name is ________
I hope u understand my english? i had dream two weeks ago
my dream story starts. me and my family we are on the picnic in front of a beach…when i see on the sky…in arabic language it was getting written alot of words with the clouds… but i cant read what it was writting about… becouse it was in arabic langauge but when i see a big pure white cloud was writtin on it laa ilaaha illallah mohammad raasul allah and i said to my mother look up on the sky what it is writing about…when my mother start reading all of them then she said oh my god  Allah is saying leave this place as soon as u can
and right away i start running from there…earthquake gets start a lot of lighting from the sky and i got kind of scared i woke up 6.oo in the morning and I prayed the fajir…i went back to sleep.
I am not really sure what it is about but it predicted something about future…because before this dream…an other dream came one night it was voice of a man told me these times are the end times…and i got scared i woke up right away and i started pray some tahajjud…shaykh Saab if u can help me with this dream because every Friday i get worry about maybe… judgement day get start. Thanks a lot.


Dear Brother,

First of all please call me ‘Brother Azam’. I don’t fancy words like shaykh, maulvi, mulla, aalim, mufti or haji. Just plain Brother Azam is enough. Thank you

As far as your dream is concerned, Kalima Shahada Laa illaaha ill Allah, Mohammad Rasul Allah is one of the most powerful rukya to ward off evil and at the same a symbol of peace, tranquility and harmony.

In your case, the Kalima appears in your dream as a premonition of what is to come. As Muslims, it is our belief that One Day we all have to stand up and face judgement based on our deeds that we performed while we were alive in this world and as a consequence of what we left behind (good or bad).

Since, every Friday you worry about the judgement day and its hardships, this is what is clouding your mind at your conscious and sub-conscious level. It is always good to think about life after death. The more we remember that DAY to come, the better our deeds will get in this world.

Allah is showing you that you should hold fast to the Kalima and follow the Quran and Authentic Sunnah of Rasul Allah s.a.w and he will save you and your mother from grievances in this world and also the hardships of the hereafter. Also, the voice you heard of a man earlier in dream was actually the voice of an “Angel of Allah”. It is with the permission of Allah that the Angel delivered this message to you. The implication behind this message is that “you must keep on doing good and inshallah Allah and His angels are with you in this world and hereafter”. Your mother being with you, exclusive of others, mean that in case of any calamity you and your mother will find safety inshallah.

Please avoid telling this dream to your brothers and sisters or relatives. Allah has said “ Inna Shaytana Addum, fatakhu Aadua” ( Satan is your enemy, so consider him your enemy.) He will not let any opportunity go by where he can sow a seed of discord between you and your siblings or relatives. Tell this dream to only very close friends of yours and also forbid your mother from revealing the content of the interpretation.

If this interpretation has helped you, please pray for my Magfara and Jannah.

Wasalamualikum Warahama Allah