Brother sent this dream

Brother Azam

i have worrying dream. I dreamt that one of relatives had died and a funeral was taking place.i was then escorted and someone pointed to my grave.


Asalamoalikum Brother,

This dream is being shown to you to make amends before a time come when you are not able to go back and change things around, meaning your death. You may have done some injustice to other human being in the matter of their property or reputation or otherwise, so this is the time you undo that; you may have some debt to pay, pay it now; you may have been rude or disobedient to your parents, be nice to them now; you may have been missing on your Abadah and obligations to ALLAH, fulfill them now.

You see brother in the final analysis, it is a matter between you and ALLAH but all I can tell you is ALLAH is Gafoor and Raheem that’s why HE showed you this dream because HE sees something good in you and HE wishes to save you from the hell fire.

In the end all our salutations and blessings goes out to Rasul Allah s.a.w and Mursaleen and Sahabas and their families. May ALLAH protect all Muslameen and Muslimaat from the hell fire and forgive our sins and make us enter the Jannah.

Aameen Ya Rabul Aalameen.