Brother sent this dream

Salam Brother Azam

I had a dream which is not a rubling of the mind.

i was stricken with a bad case of flu,and at that time i was praying my salah very spontaneously and started tahajjud.

my mother had taken care of me and then i begged Allah to make me well. i fell asleep and then i remember me standing in a very dark place and i was being shown qiyamah people were staring up transfixed in horror and there was this very bright light. then i woke up, sweating after that Allah had answers my dua and made me well.


Walaikum Salam

Here is the interpretation to your dream:

Mostly, during the time of distress, illness or trouble a human soul is very close to Allah as it associates nothing with Allah at this critical time of life. At other times, the situation is different.

You were sincerely praying to Allah to heal you. This  time of night between tahajjud and fajr is very auspicious as the angels are circulating the lowest heaven praising their Lord and listening to the pleading of humans being made to Allah. They are also imploring Allah to forgive all mumaneen and mumeenats in this world who are seeking forgiveness and mercy. Imploring Allah during this period is highly recommended.

This dream is very auspicious because your soul was taken to a journey and shown some of the gayab (hidden). It has a meaning for you: at this moment in time you’re associating with people ( friends/family members) who are not rightly guided or are among those whose intentions are not good for others. But here is the good news: That light you saw at the end and your recuperation from illness was actually a good omen and a mercy of Allah that will take you out of Dhaulumaat (darkness) and into noor (light) in this world and hereafter.

So keep up the good work with clean intentions, pray regularly and think positively. Try to disassociate yourself gracefully and peacefully from those who are around you. Respect them, but don’t follow their desires.

May Allah protect you from the (shar) of Shaytan and include you among His righteous slaves. Aameen

Waslaamualikum WarahamAllah