Brother sent this dream


i had a dream that i was walking when suddenly i saw someone dressed in a black cloak sat down. it suddenly came to my head that this was the angel of death. he said to me “change or i will come and take you” i then said “ok” at which time i walked away. i then came back to him and said “no i wont change” the person who i suspected to be the angel of death then chased me. i then noticed that others can see this person so i stopped and said “you can’t be the angel of death as others can see you” i then woke up. this dream has been troubling me for some days now please help me by giving me the interpretaion.jazakallah



The interpretation is not going to be easy for you to absorb. Most of the friends who write to me through this website want me to give them a good interpretation; one which will please them but it is not always pleasing as is in your case.

That man you saw in black cloak is indeed your death and he will keep on following you wherever you go. Don’t pretend for a moment you can escape the Angel of Death. He will come to you whether you live under 10000000 security guards. The only way to avoid him is to listen to his voice which is actually a message sent to you by Allah. You are doing things which are really displeasing to your Lord and He wishes to save you from hell fire. Allah chooses for His mercy whoever he wishes to. So for example a man or woman who had been doing wrong his/her entire life may be chosen for mercy and a man or woman who had been praying five times a day and performing Haj and keeping fast his entire life may be condemned because he may be doing things displeasing to the Lord.

Your refusal to give up your sins is a challenge to Allah. You may be forced by circumstances to do that wrong or sinful thing. For example you may be working in a government department and taking bribes to feed your wife and children; you may be involved in fraud, cheating or depriving the customer or people of their right; you may be committing sin if you have interest based bank account and getting paid a fixed amount every month or year and feeding your family with that money. This would fall under sood or Reba which is totally haram/forbidden in Islam; you may be doing a number of things which are falling under shirk, which you and your Lord know best. Please give them up. Your telling Angel of Death that everyone can see him and he cannot hurt you is because of your love for this world which you don’t intend to give up and you are only fooling yourself if you think others can save you. This dream is a warning to you. If you don’t change your ways the fire of hell is waiting for you at the end of your journey in this world.

May Allah save all momeneen and momeenat from the fire of hell and give us reprieve to correct our ways before we depart. Aameen. In the end, all salutations on the last prophet and messenger of Allah, Hazrat Mohammad Salallaho Waillahay Wasalam.

Waslamualikum Warahama Allah