Brother sent this from USA


My name is Mohammed_______, originally David Macaulay. I converted to ISLAM, a little over a year ago. I need one of my dreams to be interpreted for me as I am now confused. It started when my girlfriend Zeba and I were arguing about me converting to ISLAM. I did not want to convert…we had a major argument…I was going to leave her the next day because I did not want this kind of pressure in my life.

 As I slept that night, I awoke at exactly 4am to find my body, room walls, ceiling and floor all covered with Arabic writing…. That was all that I needed and I converted. I felt the presence of Allah and I will never look back. Now after a year, I am still seeing the writing on the walls. Sometimes the writing is few and large in size…and sometimes the writing is small and there are lots of words.I do not know how to read Arabic as yet and I really need to know what it means.

Can you help me?

My Reply: 

Walaikum Salam,

This was actually in the state of semi consciousness that you saw what you did. It is a state between fully awake and fully asleep; a dream leading to semi consciousness at 4 in the morning.

This is the interpretation of your dream. Allah in Surah Bakarah says “ La Ikrah ha fid deen” There is no compulsion in religion” –meaning that to accept Islam no one should be forced or if you are already within the fold of Islam, you should not be forced or force someone to accept your way or a certain mathab( school of thought in Islam).

So this was the background to your dream. Your girl friend was forcing you and your heart was adamant that you have to decide on your own and you were seeking help from God; the help came in the shape of a dream because you are one of pure heart.

The Islamic writing on the wall and feeling the presence of Allah strongly suggests that you should now take a stock of your life; change is coming and so is a trail for you. Quran was revealed in Arabic but we can read it in any language we understand; however, to get the maximum benefit out of it recitation in Arabic is recommended. The impact on your heart will be profound and you will at once achieve peace. Allah wishes that you learn Arabic and then start reciting Quran in Arabic with understanding.

I have read Quran in English almost 5 times, but believe me once you know little Arabic you can understand the word of God. I recommend download of latest Quran reciter from the net. It has the heart throbbing recitation of all surahs by sheikh Saad Al Gumdi and three different English translations running side by side of different interpreters.

May you go in peace and Allah increases your knowledge and give you the furkan (the criteria to judge between the right and wrong). Aameen Ya Rabul Aalameen.

Rememeber me in your prayers.

Wasalamualikum Warama Allah