Brother sent this from USA

Dear Brother,

I pray that this email reaches you in a Good state of Iman and ‘Afiya.

I would like to share the following dream with you:

Occurred around mid 2001

I had a dream of Malcolm X. It was one of those dreams that left a print in my heart and I am sure it has a very important meaning otherwise it would not stick in my heart so strongly.  Whenever I recall it also gives me a kind of warm feeling and feeling of love for him.

The background setting was a kind of mosque with people trickling in and out.

I saw him in a very handsome state, shining, and full of spiritual light. He was wearing a suit.

It was a really beautiful sight that created joy in my heart.

I asked him, how is God?  how is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

He just smiled, as if he was saying to me “you funny questioner”.  But he was also responding as if to say “they are okay”.

Then I asked him, did you die a martyr?

Still smiling, he seemed to say, well there are different types of martyrs, I didnt die as the kind you are thinking.

I gave him a hug and could feel some comfort in doing that, and he gradually disappeared. I tried to hold on but couldn’t.


Asalamualikum Brother,


El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz popularly known as (Malcolm X) was a great human being, disliked by some for his outspokenness and loved by many for his courage. Allah guided him in the year 1964 when in truth he accepted the Islam as was preached by Mohammad s.a.w.


Rasul Allah says “—-Mai Yade Allah fala MudilaLaho, Wamai Yudil Fala Haida Laho” he whom ALLAH guides no one can misguide and him whom ALLAH misguides no one can guide. (Part of khubatul Hajah-Muslim/Bukhari etc)


Thus Allah guided him and showed him the light in the last days of his life before he was killed. SubahanAllah. Let us pray his soul find peace and harmony and Allah accord him jannah. Aameen.


Coming back to your dream, this dream shows two aspects. One is the state of Malik Shabazz after his death and second is state of your mind which is bordering on your inquisitive nature which is not pleasing to other people.


His very handsome state, shining, and full of spiritual light shows he is in good state in the Barzakh and he is of those favored. His wearing of a suit proves that clothes do not make a man dear or beloved to Allah. He can wear anything be it Arabic garb or American or English clothes or a piece of cloth around him like the Indonesian or Bangladeshi people do (as long as the Aurah is hidden), it is immaterial to Allah. Only Taqwa is the key to success in this world and the hereafter.


Your asking him questions and his reply shows that people are not amused by your questioning habits. You should ask the least amount of questions and listen more. Quran commands “Samanah wa Atanah” Listen and Obey. That’s what you should be doing. You will gain a lot of knowledge thus.


Yes, there are many types of martyrs. At least five have been described by Rasul Allah s.a.w. Rasul Allah has even said “Those who earnestly pray to Allah for martyrdom, they will be accorded the status of a martyr even if they die in their bed”. That is what Malik Shabazz is trying to imply.


In the end your embrace of him and not holding unto him shows that knowledge will escape you until you change your mental attitude towards life and change your habits mentioned above.


May Allah guide and forgive you and accord Jannah to you. In the end all praise to Allah and Salutation on the last and final prophet of Allah, Mohammad s.a.w. Aameen.


Wasalamualikum Warahamat Allah