Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

Assalamu Alaykum brother,

I have a query about dreams, many Muslims see dreams of their parents in Jannah, and they see many other miraculous things in their dreams as well. But recently I have come across some sites, and non-muslims claim to have similar experiences as well.  I will post one such dream that I have found :


I would like to know under which Islamic Classification would this particular dream go? It is a dream submitted by a non-muslim, and clearly they state that they met their parents in heaven. I look forward to an answer, Insha’allah.

Asslamu Alaykum, May Allah safeguard you from all harm.

My Reply:


There is nothing wrong in non-believers seeing good or pious dreams. Read carefully where the dream starts and ends, The man in the dream never says he is Jesus or never says in the dream he is God or son of. Neither he says he will take her or her mother to heaven. What she saw was a good dream neither she claims she saw Jesus in the dream. She just said that she saw the most handsome man standing there.

 Yes, there are good Muslims who will abide in Jannah khalaydeen a feeha and bad Muslims who will lie in hell forever. Likewise, there are good and bad Jews and Christians. They will be treated accordingly and you never know what is in store for them: punishment or forgiveness. Allah knows best.

Maybe the lady is a chaste one and dear to Allah. We do not know. Allah knows best

Do not forget what Allah says in Surah Bakarah ‘ — Innal lazi na aamanu wal lazi na hadou wan nasara was sabaeen man aamana bilAllah wal yumail akhara wa amala salaha, falahum agarahum min inda rabieay wala haufun alahim walhum yazanoon”

Hope I don’t have to translate the above and you, I assume, are an Arab and would be able to get the message of Allah and surmise it to the best of the knowledge Allah has bestowed on you.