Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

Hi there,

My dad died in Sep-2007.

In first 5 to 6 months me my elder brother and our sister saw him in the dream. Later it stopped.


I will try to interpret them one by one. Hope this will help. I will try keeping them short.


Dream # 1

My biggest brother saw before almost 02 or 03 months from the death of our dad:

He is standing in a place very beautiful very vast field of green grass and far there is a beautiful hill on top of it there is huge castle. our dad is standing there. there is also so much pure light every where. (in the dream my brother also felt) that after that my brother is also with my dad.

Answer 1st Dream:

Mashallah, Allah has accorded a house in the Jannah to your father and later after your brother dies, he will join your father in there Inshallah

Dream # 2

One night before the heart attack of my dad my mother saw this dream (but my dad died after 03 days from heart attack. he survived got better cam home and then died on 03rd Ramadan):

my mom and my biggest brother is walking with my dad and after some time they see that our dad is left behind. there are snakes everywhere on the road.

Answer 2nd Dream

At that time you mother’s mind was clouded with the fact that your father was under black magic spell. She was thinking and believing this at her conscious and sub-conscious level and that is the reason why she saw what she did.

Dream # 3

One night before the heart attack my dad himself saw this dream:

In the morning he told my mother, “i dont know somebody has done some magic that i saw this kind of dream” that;

he says in the dream, “i am trying to eat food but everytime there is a black snake sitting in my food”.

Answer 3rd. Dream

This was a warning to your father that someone in the family or close associate doesn’t like to see him or his children in a successful state. Remember, there is nothing worst than envy (hasad) of the close ones. You don’t know them but you can feel them around. Please don’t go pointing fingers at them, instead if you can afford, give sadaka of goat or sheep every month and distribute among the poor seeking Allah’s protection for the entire family. Ishallah, their hasad will not work.

Dream # 4

I saw in 1st or 2nd month after his death:

my dad met me in the dream and said,”you cant know how much happy i am”.

Answer 4th Dream:

This is a good sign that he is in a blessed state of affairs after his death. Allah has been pleased with him.

Dream # 5

I saw in 2nd or 3rd month after his death:

“he is walking outside in the lawn area of our house. wearing black dress. walking like waiting for us. then i see he is sitting in our main sitting on my left on the sofa. there is also my mom, one of my sister, one of my dad’s closest friend. he is quite not talking. but i see some very small dot of red light in his eyes. i feel my mom is talking only. dream finishes.”

Answer 5th Dream

This dream falls under “Rumbling of Mind” category and I would not be able to interpret. Sorry

Dream# 6

My biggest brother saw after almost 06 month or more after the death of our dad:

“My brother is sitting in Masjid Nabawi (PBUH). he had never visited madinah at that time. (i ma working in Saudi Arabia and i know it very well) He explained exact location of Riyaz Al Jannah near the Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) and he is sitting close to Mimbar-eRasool (PBUH). he saw from the right side Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is coming with angels on his right & left. My brother explains that he saw very clearly the face of Prophet in so much details. When he cam close stairs opened in the floor and near Mimbar area. He started going down by the stairs and he said o angels “quitely dad of this person (my brother) is burried under these stairs”.

Answer 6th Dream:

Mashallah, a very auspicious dream for your brother. He must be of good heart and spirit to be accorded with this visit of Rasul Allah s.a.w. in his dream. To see Rasul Allah s,a,w, this close means your brother’s status is higher than the rest of your family members in the eyes of Allah and he will be in the company of the prophet s.a.w on the Day of Judgement.

Also, please tell him to perform pilgrimage and visit the tomb of the prophet s.a.w. , by going to the same spot close to the mimbar rasool which he saw in the dream (if he can find space) and pray two rakat Salatus Shukr to Allah for granting this dream to him. Please inform him to continue with the salutation he is sending on the blessed prophet s.a.w.

Equally blessed is the status of your father. I do not know him personally but he must be a good man and inshallah he will be in the company of the Rasul Allah s.a.w and sahabas on the Day of Judgement.

Personal Question:

Now i dont see him in the dreams. why ??


You don’t see him in the dreams anymore because you have been telling all these dreams to the wrong people. Maybe someone you shouldn’t be telling. Remember, there are people that don’t like you and your family to prosper here in this world and the hereafter. So naturally when they hear how blessed your brother and your father is they feel envy: “why are we not this blessed, although we pray five (5) times a day, keep all fasts, do charity and even perform the pilgrimage?” They won’t be telling you all this. All you see on their face is happiness but inside they envy and envy is a very dangerous thing. Allah has exhorted us in Surah Falak to seek “refuge in Allah from the envy of the envier”. So this is what we should be doing.

May Allah bless you and your family and may He protect all of you from the evil eye. Aameen Ya Rabul Aalameen

If these interpretations have helped, please seek Hikma, Sehat and Forgiveness for me from Allah.

Wasalamualikum WarahamahAllah