Brother sent this dream

i can only say that i had a experience 1991 ..remeber it like yesterday …i have only told a handful of people …in fact i wanted to find other people who had visions of the prophet when i saw your web site by chance …
in my dream i saw
” i saw a white light approaching ( i was inside an old house belonging to my maternal grandfather) it slowly entered through the door ( this light was neither bright to hurt your eyes nor dim unlike any other thing ) then all of a sudden i started reciting the durood , and wanted to do sajda , but some one told me not to , then the prophet slowly came forward and i took step back wards , i tried to see him and raise my head all i saw was the outline of a face/body in a sorta glow of radience then my head slowly came down by itself….i also recall trying to talk to him ( maybe in arabic, which i dont know) then i felt his hand was on my head ( in a blessing sort of a way) then he passed me and walked away i looked behind …then i woke up suddenly it was fajar time ..and i was a bit frightened and scared and tears were rolling down my face ..i do recall saying over and over again to myself u realize what have you seen…”
after so many years , apart from true dreams i have also realized that a vision of the prophet means A WHOLe LOT MORE …i mean i seriously do not consider worldly titels /people etc that much now ..but this change was not sudden but gradual with  time and age and experence
My Reply to Brother
Walaikum Saalaam
Ok here it is
You didnt actually see the prophet s.a.w. face and his posture clearly. This could only mean one thing. You have still not attained that status in the eyes of Allah where you can see his (rasul Allah’s) face clearly but inshallah you will if you keep on sending darood to him and keep on doing good deeds. But the good part of the dream has been your closeness to rasul Allah s.a.w. and you trying to talk to him ( but you do not remember what was said) and he putting his hand on your head. This is really good sign.
This means that Rasul Allah s.a.w is pleased with you.If Allah’s rasul is pleased with you, then you do not need to be frieghtened and sacred. This is a sure ticket to Jannah for you Inshallah.
Very few people have seen let alone come in his presence in a dream. Not even those who pray all their lives and remain devoted to islam or have become Aalimay Deen or have been accorded the status of Muftis have been granted this opportunity. You have been that chosen one. So be glad and happy.
You getting up and being scared after the dream is not a bad sign, it shows your humbleness to being in the presence of Rasul Allah s.a.w.
May Allah forgive all momeneen and momenaat and make us enter the Jannah alongside that of Rasul Allah S.A.W. Aameen Summah Aameen.