A sister asked this question:

what does my dream mean?

i was in a classroom in school and i find thick gold bracelet on the floor then i see a gold necklace and in the gold necklace is printed allah in arabic in the middle i then give the gold to the teacher and on his desk i see the teachers black sachel opened and in the bag are teachers school papers

My Answer is as follows:

Ok here it is:
Your dream has many connotations. You have been hurt  emotionally by someone. Someone you loved but did not get engaged or married to.
You have then closed a chapter in your mind but that keeps on coming back. Your dreams are also connected to your seeking Allah’s help and being close to Him. You have been praying regularly since your detachment from this gentleman.

“””By showing gold plated necklace with Allah written on it , You have been shown that Allah is with you if you are steadfast and persevere and move on with things . Your ex-love has a life and wife now , you will have someone else in your life soon and that will happen with Allah’s permission and that particular person will be as good as gold for you.
The teacher opening the bag and you seeing all those papers suggest that ” you should not give up study and that you can gain a lot of knowledge and will be able to achieve a status if you pursue with studies””””

This all is the interpretation in my humblest of opinion. Allah, however, knows best.

Best of regards, yours in prayers