A Brother asked about his dream like this :

Asalam wa alaikum brother,

long story short, In 2007 I met this islamic woman from Lebanon for marriage that i had great amount of feelings for.  Her brothers and mom loved me and were encouraging the situation.  She on the other hand was interested but at the same time she was being careful, she had her guards up, so she didn’t show too much emotion.  3 days after we began dating I began having dreams and my first dream involved her on the ground kneeling and looking back at me with her left arm extended and was asking for 8 cds, other dreams involved me shaking her moms hand and kissing her on the cheek (her mom is a muhajiba) the next dream different days I saw the same thing except this time her mom said I accept and there was wearing the hijab but I still kissed her on the cheeks.  During Ramadan i had dreams almost every single day and would perform istikhara before fajr prayer and isha and would see her in my dreams, before I go to bed I ask allah to show me who my wife is going to be.

MY answer to the brother’s dream:

This is what I inferred from your background leading up to the dream and the dreams itself
That particular lady is not meant for you.

Remember Allah mention in the Quran “””” It may be that you hate (despise, abhor) a thing ( women, travel, relocation, getting married, having children , living with parents, living without them, doing business and making no money, having job you don’t like etc etc etc) That is Kahirun (good, beneficial ) for you and it may happen you Hubuh ( love, like , adore ) a thing (person, women, situation etc etc etc) that is Sharr ( bad , evil will hurt you or give you grief) for you. Allah know ( what is good and bad for you) you know not”””

My brother time to move on. Keep daily prayers and look to only Allah for salvation in this world and hereafter