Sister sent this in January 2011

Aslaam olaykum brother

 i have recently visited your page on true islamic dreams, i found it very interesting and alahmdulilah that you have this ability to interpretate islamic dreams may allah succeed you in whatever you do.

first of all i wanted your help to interpretate a dream that my husband had couple of days ago we have been very disturbed since that day.

my husband alamudulilah reads his nimaz along side his work, he had a dream that he was distributing meat to the poor and also he saw that he was also trying to chop the bone of the meat,i too have been have having disturbing dreams lately that i am pregnant and i lose the baby son i have by sudden death this is a dream that i had i give sadakah every day by putting  few pennies in  jar, we have got two children boy and girl and i also take a sadakah out for them too plz can you spare a few minutes to describe what this dream must mean .

thankoyu nad jazakallah.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

The interpretation is to the point. Yours and your husband’s disturbing dreams are linked together. You never know who has put the evil eye on you both; it could be one of your relatives or so called friend or could be a random visitor to your home. WalAllahho Alam.

Your troubles and misfortunes/mishaps will inshallah wither away.

Tell your husband to sacrifice a goat or sheep (whatever he can afford) every month for next three months with the intention of distributing the meat to the poor, but he must put the knife to slaughter the goat himself and then he has to distribute the meat to the needy or if you reside in the west then to the food kitchens and to the homeless. It would be better if he gets a professional butcher and while the butcher is chopping the meat, your husband can also do his part a little. Hope you got my point. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Muslim or non-Muslim he is giving the meat to. He can even give it to the animals or birds if they are hungry.

You must sacrifice with the intention in both your hearts of pleasing only Allah and getting rid of troubles and evil eye.

Please make sure the sacrificial animal is free of all faults and not handicapped in any way or form.

Do tell him to recite this short ayah which is in the form of dua from the Quran before every sacrifice, loudly if possible: Surah Baqara Ayah 127 “ ………. Rabana Takabal Mina Innaka Antas Samiul Aleem” —Our Lord accept from us (this effort, this duty, this sacrifice, this charity) for surely you are The Hearer, The Knower.

May Allah bless you both with love and may he accept your prayers on my behalf.