Sister sent this from USA

Salaam Brother,
How are you, hope your are well..Thank you for your recent interpretations in the past, i was pleased with them.Alhamdulillah. May Allah reserve you a place in paradise, inshallah

In the last few days i have dreams of flying birds, small..some darks some light.. but today in particular…it was islamic..mashallah..had a dream also of two of which i did not take notice of ..andd the other..was a parrot..bright pink..and little green…i call this parrot this dream..i make the parrot recite..allah akbar..and the parrot copies…i then ask numerous of times ask the recite the kalima shaadat….tcopies.. then later..the bird starts flying…around and around in the was..happy….i then ask the parrot to come back..but i call it adam..adam…adam……something like that…in having problems also in my married life…alot of problems..are cropping up….is this realted…or this something..else..reading allah akbar..and kalima shaadat..a few times..what does this mean..?but in reality really adam is my 11yrd old nephews name..who is very close to me…is this connected…
My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Merely reciting Allah Akbar may not be enough as far as your nephew is concerned. What this dream signifies and implies is that you must teach your nephew ( who is very close to you) more than just a few words in Islam; the true gist of Islam revolves upon other significant activities like praying, helping people read and understand Quran, recitation of the Quran like the way it should be done, exhorting others to help someone in need, helping the needy and the poor, helping those of your family members ( financially or otherwise) who are in need but never ask for help.
Teach all this to your nephew and teach him well, for if you do not then you may lose him like the parrot that flew away; he could misconstrue Islam when he grows up and could turn out to be like the millions who call themselves ” non practicing Muslims”

May Allah bless you. If the interpretation pleases you, do pray for increase in my hikmat( knowledge), my sustenance and Mugfarat ( forgiveness) from Allah.