Sister sent this from USA

Asalamu alaikum

in my dream i had a dream that i am fixing the length of my white  scarf and i am just about to wear it, then in my dream i ask a imam what this means the imam says your immidiately gona get mariied, but he says since there is no proposal for you the scarf isint green.

brother can you plz interpetates plz

jazakhullah khair.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

You are obviously obsessed with green things in life and you see a lot of people wearing green turban and caps ( belonging to a certain group; maybe some male members or friends are associated with this group). Let me assure you it means nothing. White, Red, Green, Brown , Black turban or color has no significance in Islam.

However you putting on a scarf means a lot; it signifies your chastity and purity which is dear to Allah. : If you planning on getting married or are of marriageable age may Allah fulfil your desire for the best groom

May Allah bless you and accord you Jannah, Aameen ya Rubulaalameen.