Sister sent this from USA

assalamualaykum brother
for a couple of weeks i have been at my wits end arguing with my cousin that all duas need to be aske irectly to Allah swt,A ND NOT EVEN HOLY PROPHET PBUH)
WE HAD some arguments where I aske her to read holy quranand then read hadith an we both asked Allah for guiance.I prayed to Allah “put love of holy prophet in my i saw a dream that my passportpicture is torn from the head potion slightly an d i need a new pic ,so i proceed to get mypic clicke.but before i coul sit down for my pic to be taken ,they asked me to get up and then sat holy prophet muhamma in white turban an white dress and his photo was to be clicked.i can t remeber his whole face but i remember his one eye and cheek.I dont know the color of his eyes but from what i remeber its turquoise…….In the name of Allah ,kindly help me in intepreting this dream

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

It is very difficult to read and understand your English. Do me a favor, next time, take your time to correct common grammatical patterns in your writing and avoid using slang. Thank you.

As far as asking for anything from anyone is concerned, you are absolutely right. Read the following ayahs from the Quran and spread the word:

Quran –: ” I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he cries to Me.” Surah2, ayah no 186

“Those to whom you pray beside Him, do not own even white spot on date-stone” — 35: 13;

“They cannot hear your prayer- cannot grant it – on Day of Resurrection, they’d disown you” — 35: 14;

No one should be prayed to, asked for help and can grant you anything except the One who created you. Muslims’ read this ayah in every prayer daily yet do not ponder over its meaning:

Surah Fahtiah ayah 5 ” eeya ka nahbadou, wa eeyaka nastaeen” meaning that ” You (Allah) alone we worship and will continue to do so in future, You ( Allah) alone we ask for help and will continue doing so in future”. ——In Arabic, present and past tenses are joined together.

Now, remember tell your friend this just once. If she doesn’t believe, leave her alone. Allah will guide her in His own way. Your job is to correct your own faith and follow a straight path laid by Hazrat Ibrahaim a,s. and Rasul Allah s.a.w.

OK, back to your dream. As you said you had prayed to Allah to put love of Rasul Allah s,a,w in your heart and Allah heard your prayer and that’s why this dream was grated to you. It is a blessing for any person to see our prophet s.a.w. in the dream. Do not ever doubt that you have seen him or not. The best thing for you to do now is to continue sending him salutations though Allah. I highly recommend using Darooday abraheemi. But if that is lengthy, then use the short version ” Allaha huma Sallaay Allah Muhammad wa baarak Wasalam”  10 times after every fard ( obligatory) prayer. You will inshallah have the love of Rasul Allah in your heart and may Allah grant you with many more dreams in which Rasul Allah s.a.w  guide you with love and compassion. Aameen ya Rabulaalameen.