Sister sent this from USA

Assallam o laikum Brother,My dream –

I was in my Mother’s home (my Mum has passed away and I pray Allah swt grants both my parents Junnat Fardous, Ameen).

I was facing her lounge window (East) and suddenly I became aware of a Holiness so powerful that it could burn me with it’s purity.  I understood this was Allah swt’s presence.  I had to take one step back because His purity would burn me, it was SO PURE!  I realised in this dream that to be near Allah swt and Junnat Firdous, we have to be in a state of absolute purity, and on earth no matter how hard we strive, we easily slip into impurity, through thought, talk, action.  I realised that we have to strive to maintain purity in absolutely everything, the big things and the small things. 

Please can you add your interpretation?

Thank you, Wassallam.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Here is the  interpretation:

Keep your thoughts pure and also your chastity save. Hide yourself from the promiscuous eyes of men and women (both can be luscious). If you are not married, shaytan will be after you goading you to expose yourself before others or if you are already married, he might try out other tricks. His one big task which he has promised as a challange and Allah has accepted is to make those who walk aright, stray from Allah’s path by stimulating their illegal sexual desires.

Allah loves those who have a care for cleanliness, protect their chastity and you seem to be the who keeps chaste. Continue doing so to receive Allah blessing in the shape of Jannatul Firdaus.

May Allah accord you Jannat. Aameen ya RubulAaalameen


My Reply: (Sister’s Dreams are not mentioned here on her personal request )

Walaikum Salam

Both the dreams hold much good for you. Allah has not turned his face away from you despite what you went through and did.

Actually we are the created one and not the Creator. Our Creator has designed us in such a way that we set our own destiny and lay the path to either our development or destruction. This is the power and respect that we hold over many other creatures Allah has created in the heavens and the earth. We can never comprehend or understand the way our Lord works and what good He holds for us in this world and the hereafter.

First, let’s get the meaning of Kafir out of the way. Kafir is an arabic word meaning two things:

#1 The one who is presented with the proofs and beholds the truth yet turns his/her face away and does contrary to it.

 #2 The one on whom Allah has bestowed all His favors yet he/she is an ingrate and never thanks Allah nor is satisfied with what he/she has.

Now ask yourself in which category you fall in and then start working for your correction. I am certain you will be able to correct yourself because the dreams signifies Allah is with you, Whatever way you have turned, the dreams are saying ” there is a silver lining in the dark clouds”

Here are the brief interpretations:

Dream#1   You saw Allah speaking to you. This is a very good indicator that His mercy is upon you. Surah Bakarah Ayah 105 ” Allah chooses for His Mercy whom He wills”  But at the same time you cannot hear what He is saying means that the connection is weak between you and your Lord; mind you not on His part but on yours. In order to understand what He is saying you have to read and understand Quran. Remember, when you do that, Satan will become your worst enemy ( maybe right now he is your friend as you are away from Allah) This is how the dream interprets.

Dream#2 It is immaterial what phase of life or religion you were going through when you saw this dream but the dream holds much good for you.

It shows that you are a person of pure heart and Allah wishes to save you. He has been sending some good people towards you to guide you to the right path but you seem to be lost in transition. You have to make up your mind what you wish to achieve in your life; where you like to go; people you meet and bad company you may have to give up; relation that you may have severed have to be re-established; seek the way to please and approach your Lord for He is forever present with you and always willing to forgive and have mercy on you.

Hope these two interpretations will help you in your life. Please pray for me from your heart for I may have guided you today so Allah has mercy on me and my family.