Sister sent this from USA

Asalaam brother,
You have a very nice site. GOD will bless you for your effort inshallah. I saw the following dreams.
1. Me and my friend (we both are religious and our trying our level best to please GOD) are are sitting on separate flying objects. I think they are mini air planes. But they are open so like a convertible so that we can see where we are. I notice they are going up and up and finally we realize that we are in space. We are just sitting the planes are going up themselves. I tell my friend we are so high, we are in space. Then the scene changes, now we both are sitting together in an air plane sort of vehicle and we are still very high is space. I have a book of duas in my hand. She is discussing a hadith with me. But in the middle of the hadith she starts discussing her husband and mother in law (in reality she is separated and cannot overcome her grief). I get irritated by this. I tell her that you said you want to do tableeg in future, how can you do tableeg if you can’t stop discussing them. She doesn’t understand and starts saying something when all of a sudden I hear thunder outside our plane. Then I say to her, see you are not listening to me but you surely understand this symbol (thunder). This is showing GOD’s anger. So just stop it. Then she realizes and stops discussing.
2. I saw in a dream that i am passing by an old woman. I realize suddenly iblees has taken her form. She is writing a seducing book. The moment i realize this I pass by her fastly because while writing the book she is also reading the words out loud. I don’t want those words to effect me.  I am wearing a uniform. Like a school uniform. Blue shirt white shalwar. I realize I also my old uniform shirt in my hand. Uncontrollably I am going back to that woman to give her my old shirt, but suddenly i come out of the trance and realize what i was about to do. I think to myself that my old shirt has my sweat on it and she might use it to do something wrong. The old woman (ibless) is irritated by my action and says give me your shirt. I keep saying no. She says “who do you think you are, you think you can make no mistake. In my heart I reply “I can make my mistakes but I am aware of ALLAH’s rehmat and maghfarat. She picks up a fork and comes towards me to attack me. I also pick up a fork and say go ahead attack me, but you know very well that the day you shed my blood, my blood will catch fire and destroy you. Then I wake up.
Please help me by interpreting these dreams.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam


This is your first step towards becoming Mumin from Muslim. Mumin is a higher grade Allah accords to those Muslims who strive in His way, who uses their intellectual capabilities to think, to contemplate or ponder over the Quran and then seek guidance from Allah and starts to implement Islam in their life. While doing this, Shaytan or Devil as you may call him, and his minions (of the jinns and humans) starts to sow a seed of suspicion, fear, rebellion, difficulty and hindrance in their way.

Your friend, as was shown to you in the dream and who maybe religious minded but devil may use her to distract you. Beware of her and any such friends. Do not debate Islam or teaching of it with them. Do not let them know what you are up to or they will use the devil’s best weapon: “Wasting of your precious time in chitchat and joking” anything to take your mind away from Islamic teaching until you have forgotten what you came to discuss and get involved in useless talks which leads nowhere. Mind you, this does not mean that you break up your relations with her. That would be against the teaching of Islam.

Another thing is that whenever you discuss a hadees with someone, do remember to authenticate it. This is another way you will waste your precious time over and come out with more confusion than you can handle.

The old women or devil incarnate was shown to you because it has an upper hand right now. You are in your infancy at the moment in learning Islam and becoming a Mumin. This is the time you are most vulnerable. But do not worry or give up. You do have an upper hand in the sense that Allah is with you and nothing can touch you physically. But devil will use other ways like your friends, TV, Radio, Shopping, and Internet chat etc. to distract you from Allah’s way. So please beware and be careful.

Surah Nisa vv. 76 “……………..So fight the minions of the devil. Surely! The devil’s strategy is ever weak.”

Surah Al-An’am vv. 68 “And when thou see those who meddle with Our revelations, withdraw from them until they meddle with another topic. And if the devil causes you to forget, sit not, after the remembrance, with the congregation of wrong-doers.”

Take care of yourself. May Allah protect you and guide you in your way to becoming a full Mumin. Aameen

Wasalamualikum WarahamAllah