Sister sent this from South Africa


heyy  i had a dream that i was sitting at home and my sister all sudden pulls me from the hand and takes me to this place and its all cloudy and i said where r u taking me she goes come u deserve to go there and there are lots of cows in there and when my sister leaves me there i hear allah talking to me he screamed at me and said u dont pray u dont worship me u litsen to music u disobey ur mum why do u do that nd when my dream finished i quickly woke up nd started praying can u please tell me the meaning  🙂

My Reply: 


This dream needs no interpretation. But I will not bite my words here and lay it out for you.  

You better start praying, remember Allah much and the Day of Judgment, obey your mother and if you really love music too much and it’s not easy for you to give it up, then gradually try to replace the pop/rock with divine music or recitation of Holy Quran of famous Qaris’ of Islam e.g. Sheikh Saad Al Gamdi etc. and you will attain peace and solace.

A clear cut warning has been issued to you: Allah is cross with you and if you continue with your habits and don’t give up then be prepared to enter THE FIRE (Jahannum) when your soul depart from this world.

Good news is: Doors to repentance will remain open for everyone, even the most sinful, until we are alive and if we sincerely seek forgiveness from Allah. So take this opportunity to reflect and correct.

Allah says in Quran, Surah Nasr “——–Fa-sabbih bi-hamdi Rabbi-ka wa-staghfir-hu Inna-hu kana tawwaba.”(Then hymn the praises of thy Lord, and seek forgiveness of Him. Indeed! He is ever ready to show mercy.)