Sister sent this from Saudia

Assalam u alaikum bhai,

May Allah bless you for your efforts and kindness. I had some dreams a long time ago that I would like you to help me with by the GRACE of ALLAH.

1st.  Dream

I saw in my dream that I am sitting in a car type vehicle with the late scholar  Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik. He is driving it. ( I have never met him in real life. I saw this dream after his death). He is taking me through a very rough ride. There are many hurdles but he succeeds in overcoming them. He even succeeds in driving the vehicle over walls. Finally we reach the kaaba. He goes inside the kaaba. I go along. Then he hands me a sapara (book of the quran). I am thinking whether I should hold it or not as I am not in pure state (periods). During that i wake up.

Reply 1st. Dream

You will inshallah be in the company of great scholars in real life but you have to make sure that you are not going through periods or are clean from traces of blood when you indulge in religious activities especially  while you are performing prayers or holding Quran and reading from it.

Surah Bakara Aya no 222 “They ask you concerning menstruation. Say: they (menstruation) are a pollution so keep aloof from women during their menstrual discharge (do not have intercourse with them), and do not approach them (go near them) until they are clean. When they have cleaned themselves, go in them as Allah has commanded (this is a clear indication that only husband and wife can have carnal knowledge). Truly Allah love those who turn to Him and truly Allah love those who purify themselves (here it implies that those women who keep themselves clean before, during and after their menstrual course has run out, Allah love them). WAllaho Alam ( Allah knows best)

2nd Dream

I saw in a dream that I am in a masjid with a lot of people. We all are standing. I am quiet while others are continuously talking to each other. I look up at the sky and I see a hole. I realize that ALLAH is watching us. I keep thinking what is wrong with these people. Are they not scared. They are so casual. How can they even think of talking to each other at a moment like this. I am very fearful because due to that hole I keep feeling ALLAH is close and watching.

Reply 2nd Dream

There are very few people who realize all the time that Allah is omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time).He is recording everything we say and do. Most people are either too busy with the worldly affairs that they forget the real purpose for being here or are selling their sole for money ( cheating people out of their hard earned money by lying and cheating, or committing immoral activity like there no repercussions in this world and the hereafter. You are one of those selected souls who is forever conscious of her surroundings and who wishes others to learn and understand what you are going through and observe. May Allah bless you and do not loose hope; keep on reminding those close to you of the presence of Allah near them and remind them of their of the Day of Judgment keep on asking them to observe their duty to Allah.

Surah Maryum Ayat 39 “ And warn them of the Day of Anguish (Regret) when the matter has been decided. Now they are in a state of carelessness and believe not.”

3rd Dream:

Answer to Dream 3 is the same as Dream 2.

If the above interpretations please you, please ask for increase in my knowledge, sustenance and forgiveness from Rabul Arash Azeem.