Sister sent this from Malaysia

I am unmarried girl of age 29,struggling for marrieage,i saw a dream on friday after fajar namaz..i was in a home,a boy was selecting a girl for hismarrieg,,frirst he selected me then he rejected me and selected another girlwho was beside me…then i came out of tht house and standing on road,i was teling why i always get rejected..

Suddenly two women in black hijab came to me telling me let us go to rasool Allah SAW ..all your problems wiil b solved,he will give you something to read,i said how its possible to see him in this morden dayz,they say come and meet him,i said ok lets go…then i saw crowd of women in black hijab and men waitng for rasool SAW ..but these two women took me inside house,whn i  stepped in house the women said me to do hijab becouse i was in a salwar kameez,i covered till eyes with black scarf,,the house was made up of sand small,they made me stand beseide rasool SAW head down for respect..he was sitting on old wodden bench,i saw him wearing green colour traingle shape cap on head,hair till shoulder,,i was seeing through the black scarf and head was down i could not see him full face,only side i could see through scarf,,then all of a sudden everything vanished in glimpse..

Now everything is normal,no scarf,same dress again,house was different,people differnt normal people,,i saw a boy sitting front of me saying iam prophet SAW aged 24-25 ,,i said no you are not rasool SAW,because i alreadly saw him..he did not say anything again ,,i said him iam very poor,,he saw my haandbag and said no you are very rich…thats All i saw..then i got up and was haapy all my stress was relif,i was happy whole day,,,please intrepet this dream.

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam,
You must start wearing proper clothing right away: Abaya with scarf
thereby hiding your bosom, hair and sensitive parts. Wear a loose one
not a tight that is available these days in the market and which shows
all the curves inside.

Secondly, since you did not see Rasul Allah s.a.w face, I could not be
sure if that was him the 2nd time around as you were doubtful when the
boy claimed he was rasul Allah s.a.w. The first time around it was him
most certainly and you will be blessed inshallah but you have to wait.

Red, green, brown, black scarlet, pink turban or cap is immaterial and
insignificant; these things do not have any place in Islam. Green cap
or turban could be on your mind due to the fact someone in your family
is attached to this group that wears green turban or cap.

What you are going through is what any other girl is going through
right now in Pakistan. There are not good matches available right now.
Joblessness is rampant and therefore there are grooms available but
not to the liking of your parents or maybe, i suppose, your parents
are not rich or cannot afford dowry or maybe living in a locality
where good rishtas(matches) are not available or maybe there are other reasonsonly you are aware of . I am sorry but I am just guessing. For
whatever reason, this has put you in an inferiority complex and those
two women that came to take you to Rasul Allah s.a.w. were a sign
from Allah that a rishta (match) will come along inshallah. All you have to do is:

1, Be patient
2, Observe Taqwa;
3, Observe proper clothing
4, Keep chaste; control your urge for sex until Allah’s judgment come to pass ( just like Hazrat Marium Salamun Alayha; Mother of Isa a.s.)

May Allah keep you steadfast and may he fulfill your desire and
provide you with a groom who would love you and provide safety and
security to you, Aameen ya RubulAalameen.