Sister sent this from Islamabad, Pakistan name is sana.and i m 17 year old. i m from islamabad.bhai please reed my mail and anwer me.because i have asked too many people to tell the meaning of my dream,but no one could answer me.i did an “istakhara”,,,simply that was for study.i saw that night that,my brother is offering prayer.the person,i m talking about is my brother,and in real he does not offer even nimaz-e-jumma.anyway then i saw that i m standing near him.and thare is a voice comes form anywhare.[in my dream i knew that this voice is “ALLAH”,S ALLAH says that ‘SANA’ have some patience for some will get that power,living,and,lifeless well be under your ll serve everyone.and suddenly,,i saw the fields and some electronic things..thay are all trembling.then ALLAH says..[and a girl comes on real that girl works on tv, she was looking very happy]”LOOK at that girl,she worked hard two years..and now she has her desire.then i aweked.the time was 4 am or something.i told the dream to my mother and sister.then i slept again.i finely had my istakhare,s dream.but when i slept again,,,ALLAH,s voice came again..”you will be for everyone……”this time..the dream was long to morning.i dont know whats that mean.please please please bhai tell me the true meaning of this dream.and reply me to tell that whare can i see your answer..please bhai i ll be very thankful if you answer me through will be easy for me to fine the answer.take care FEE AMAM ALLAH

My reply 


These dreams are being shown to you because you are chaste and are very devoted to Islam ; at the same time very confused and impatient individual; Allah wishes to guide you and in turn other people to be guided by you . He wishes you to remain steadfast and learn patience.

 Your dream has many implications within and I will try to unfold each in a sequence.

You seeing your brother who doesn’t even pray Jumah Prayer and you are standing beside him shows that you could prove to be a great influence on him in bringing him close to Allah and Islam. But for that you have to try and be patient as Allah has commanded you in the dream; not just tell him once or twice but by your example show him the light.

Living and Lifeless doesn’t mean that you will be given the power to raise the dead like Hazrat Isa A.S. It implies that you will, by your example of chastity and purity, following the faith, will be able to convince and influence people towards pure Islamic way. This will be the service required of you.

The example of the girl on TV was given to you just to let you know that you have to work harder than what you are doing right now. You may be a Hafiza or Learned in Quran and teaching of Prophet s.a.w but the big question is ‘are you delivering this message to Allah’s creation, starting with you family members, friends and so on and so forth’? This is what is meant by “you will be for everyone”. Once you have attained that status, a fountain of knowledge will flow from you and people will benefit from it.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Please stop asking different people for interpretation; Dreams will stop coming to you. There may be enemies within your close family members/friends whom you are not aware of and they cannot stand someone else seeing all the things you have been blessed with. So take my advice and seek forgiveness and refuge in Allah and stop asking for different interpretations to a dream.