Sister sent this from India

Asssalam allaikum brother in islam,

I saw ur posts on”true islamic dreams “,forum and its really great that someone is doing such a nice and noble job of interpreting dreams, ur interpretations were mashhaallah very good . i am from india and m studying i hope m not putting an extra burden on u for helping me out with my dreams though it seems that ur plate is overloded with such requests and works, but please brother i really need ur help, if u can devote some of ur precious time for interpreting my dreams, it would be really very nice of u.,

(Her Dreams are not displayed)

My Reply to her Dreams and their Respective Interpretations:

Walaikum Salam

Dream # 1

It is an auspicious dream as you saw Musa (AS).You have been reading or hearing about him lately. You will definitely gain knowledge but it will be an uphill task since as you are difficult to please type of person and your arguments are not liked by many who accompany you.

You are as unyielding and strong willed person as Hazrat Musa ( AS ) was and there are some positive and negative aspect of such a temperament. It brings you close to Allah and knowledge but away from people because most people do not befriend such a person.

Dream #2

Things that come to you through intuition and perception from Allah should not be shared with your dad. Keep it to yourself next time around.

Dream # 3

This dream signifies your physical demand for sex which is taxing your brain. Either you control it by seeking help in Allah from Shaytan or maybe share this dream with your mom. If you mom is a sensible woman she will understand your need to get married. I have seen girls your age go stray; it’s not their fault, it’s the way their hormones are playing trick with them.

Dream # 4

You will be instrumental in influencing non-muslims toward Islam and that would be a plus for you in the hereafter, reward of which is only known to Allah.

Dream # 5

Your dad time has come. It’s not if but when the Angel of Death will come to take his soul.  

(Make sure you tell your mom to inform him to make repentance for the sins he has committed and to make his will and make an equitable distribution of wealth and property.) Do not forget the poor and the needy at the time of making of will.

Dream # 6

Every time, you see a new crescent moon pray to Allah like Rasul Allah s.a.w has done “Oh Allah make this rising new moon, a sign of peace and eeman ( belief) and long life and for Islam (strengthening of ). Aaamen ya rabulaalameen.

Dream # 7

Part a,    Shows your sexual urge is strong; please follow my advice from dream # 3

Part b,    Shows an important aspect of your personality (very much like mine): you tend to speak the truth, especially when it comes to religious ambiguities openly and without caring for the consequences and the people around you cannot digest it. Remember, you will make lots of enemies this way and you should beware. Seek Allah’s help as He is with you.

Dream # 8

Always seek Allah’s help from Shaytan, the outcast whenever you read this or any ayat of the Quran. This is especially meant for you because Shaytan is after you these days. Do not consider him to be a light enemy. He has his eyes on you. He will try to corrupt your dreams and try to come at you at your weakest link : Your Sexual Desire.

Dream # 9

Your family should keep on reciting this ayat.

Dream # 10

What is that certain prayer? Whatever it is, it’s good. If you remember it, recite it in abundance (that is only for you to do).

I know some of the interpretations are hard for you to digest but I thought I should let you know that not all the dreams are meant to please someone. Some dreams contain premonitions for the time ahead; some good or bad omen some very auspicious.

Hope you will continue to pray and seek refuge in Allah, do good to others and if you see someone misquoting Quran or Rasul Allah s.a.w do correct him/her but try to reason with them in a polite manner.

Wasalamualikum Wa Rahama Allah Wa Barakah