Sister sent this from India

Asalaam brother

My this dream is strange today morning fajr time i had a dream that im standing in a village in pakistan which is my aunty,s village and she is there as well but her back was naked she had No kameez on at front of her and my face there is a big open earth with big massive water like a wave coming through i think it was clean next minute im painting my auntys back with cream colour paint as im covering her back shes bending down as im painting next minute her daughter——- comes and argues with me says shes my mum i want to paint her back but her daughter swears at me and her mum and fights with us i turn back and say to sadaf fear allah MARK MY WORDS AND TIME AND DATE YOU WILL NEVER SUCCED IN LIFE YOU WILL LOOSE UNLESS U ASK FOR FORGIVENESS she then swears at me.

brother this is my dream but in real life this lady who i call aunty is my mums friends who is very religiouse good women but has more faith in pheers then allah from my experience i know her for 2 years i have helped her through out her life and guided her right her daughter is so bad person u wont believe she beats her mum swears at her she doesnt pray or read she broke allahs frames and the prophets muhammads pbum s frame i stopped talking to her daughter for what she did my aunty has given her so much money in her young age that my aunty has spoilt her her daughter now cant live without money she is 16 yrs old i have adviced my aunty islamicaly to stop spoiling her daughter as she has messesd her life up but my aunty turns away from thr truth now today i told my aunty my dream and she has saw a similar dream which is as above

my aunty said she is naked and men are looking at her but she now wont tell me the rest because she said her pheers have said u shouldent tell your dreams to anyone plus your a fakhir thats what it means i dont agree brother because i might be young but alhumdulillah i have knoweldge of dreams and i do know that the prophet mumhammad pbum said dreams are from ALLAH AND BAD FROM THE SHAYTAN tell your dreams to people who understand and love you or who has a knowelgde as dreams are connection between ALLAH TALA and also sighns but my aunty said i wont do anything without my pheers permisstion but i would like u my brother give me what i saw is that some kind of sighn for me or my aunty mashallah my dreams have always been true i have recently sent u a email about my experience of dreams in the past.


My reply:

Walaikum Salam

There are things that we are not aware of and things which are in Gayb (Hidden) from us. I do not know your auntie. Maybe she is a pious woman and may Allah forgive me if I say something bad about her. This is just an interpretation to your dream that I will shortly elaborate.

Shirk (wrongly interpreted in India and Pakistan) is a very broad terminology. It does not merely means bowing down before a stone figure to worship. One kind of shirk involves being dependant on another human being more than Allah to solve one’s problems. Maybe your auntie is involved in this kind.

This is the short interpretation to your dream:

Your Aunty will be disgraced on the Day of Judgment for her shirk and bringing up a daughter who denigrates and insults Allah and the prophet s.a.w. Her daughter will get her share of the punishment.  To avoid all this, they will have to repent sincerely to Allah and seek proper guidance from Him in prayers and Quran before their eyes close in this world.

Piece of advice to your Aunty: Give up ‘Shirk’- going to the peers (fortune tellers etc.) and seek guidance from Quran.

Piece of advice to you: Give up backstabbing your auntie’s daughter; she will get her share in fire. If you continue backstabbing her, you will be facing grievous punishment in the GRAVE. Instead, guide her to the right way of Islam, in stages mind you, not all at once.

May Allah have mercy on you and your aunty and her daughter. AAMEEN