Sister sent this from Germany

Salam brother,

 I discussed your site with a friend of mine. She cannot mails her dreams as she does not have internet at her house. She needs help with these two dreams. May ALLAH help you in understanding and interpreting these dreams.

According to her:

  1. I am standing in an unknown place with my cousin (male). There is destruction everywhere. Buildings have fallen. It is as if there was an earthquake here and it has destroyed everything. Not a single building is standing. Suddenly we see a door. The door is open and there is light (nur) coming out of it. The door is not attached to a room. It is a door opening from like another world. There is a lot of light in that door. We suddenly go towards that door. My cousin says hurry up pray while the door is open. We start praying. After we finish praying the door closes. I say “see this is a sign that our prayers have been accepted.”
  2. I saw seven years ago (when i was single) that I am holding a baby. the baby is hazrat eesa (alahi salam). There are people sitting next to me. I tell them look this is hazrat eesa. They want to hold him too. But the moment I try to hand over the baby to them. The baby starts crying. The baby does not want to leave me.
  3. I saw in a dream while i was pregnant with my first child that I am pregnant and i am with my parents. We are at an unknown place . There is a lot of hurdles and broken land that we are trying to overcome and pass. My father is leading us. Finally when we overcome these hurdles, we come to a very beautiful place. There are tall white buildings. I have never seens such tall white buildings. I say in my heart “ALLAH i am such a sinful person even then you have brought me to such a beautiful place. Then i see a man standing there. HE is of old age. white beard. He says ALLAH likes your efforts and you keep trying no matter what.

Please help her in interpreting these dreams. ALLAH bless you.


My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Here are the interpretations:

Dream One: That dream meant that it was time for her to pray and seek forgiveness before the door to repentance closes ( death)

Dream Two: She needs to study the bible ( tell her to find the Barnabas version). There is something there which she needs to learn and hold unto. It will help her in her quest to get close to Allah. Thus do this dream interprets.

Dream Three: Good dream. It shows she is on the right tract. Maybe along the way she will need help of her parents and elders in learning the right ways of Islam and Quran but most certainly she will have to travel rest of the way alone. Allah is very pleased with her because she has humbleness in her which is very dear to Allah. Keep up the good work and continue to be like this. Remember, always be repentant and you will enter Jannah Inshallah.