Sister sent this from Delhi, India

Assalaam o Alaakum

I have been reading your website and wondered if you can help me. I have had many dreams that have left me happy at time even though i do not understand them and at others frightened. i will ask for interpretation in turn

Dream # 1

when i was very young i dreamt that i am climbing over a mountain it is very rocky, black and the stones are hot. I am barefooted, a lot of other people are also climbing people are saying that the gate of haven (janaati Darwaza) will be opening soon but only for a very short time.  My mother calls me from behind to stay with her or i will be trampled in the stampeed. i don’t listen i run up the rocky mountain side.  When i reach the top i see a giant door that reaches into the sky it has gigantic old style padlock the which is holding i giant chain used to keep the door locked . i put my hand out and the door opens, the lock n chain vanish/disappear.  Even though people are stampeeding to go through i am the first to enter and i enter with ease.  Since then 32 years on!! i know that there is a Janaati Darwaza in pak pataan(i do not know where that is).

Dream 2

1993 my father had gone back home for a short visit to the homeland, but he had not been in touch for a few weeks.  i dreamt i was walking home it was day time .  then all of a sudden the sky darkened i looked up and saw black clouds so dark it turned to night.  in the clouds i saw the face of my father.  this frightened me very much a woke up crying . was so scared i was sweating i knew my father was in danger.  i started praying for him, took out sadaqa immediately, and kept reciting the drood sharif begging allah to keep my father safe.  i fell asleep reciting drood.  then i had a second dream this was just before fajir time.  i see blue blue sky full of sunshine i look down and then see that i am looking across a desert.  I see a figure approaching. He is wearing white and holding a camel in his right hand.  i blink and see that the man is standing before me about a yard away.  i know that this the Prophet (PBUH).  his features a clear, he is fair of complection, very handsome, no beard, he is wearing white clothes and a beautifull green amama(turban), the Prophet (PBUH) speaks to me and say “i have come to get you”  i am very scared i wake up again and do not go back to sleep, i lay awake reciting darood sharif.

I will leave you with these two dreams i hope that you can interpret them for me. It is getting late so i will say khuda Hafiz.  i hope you will interpretation soon. Please do not post my name on the website.

Thank you . 


Walaikum Salam,

Please keep an open mind for what I am about to interpret, you may not like.

Reply Dream # 1:   You seem to be very close to your mother and she has a dominating personality which sometimes you abhor because she tries to impose her way and will on you. This dream is the result of all such tendencies which have been brewing up in your head.

You are a pious women and close to God and woman by nature independent. Sometimes it is better to listen to your heart especially in religious matters like in this instance which got you in the Jannah. You seem to be chaste as well for that inshallah you will be among those who will enter Jannah and will be among those who are Sabakoon ( the first or foremost to enter Jannah ) Inshallah o taala wa subahanallah.

Reply Dream # 2: Your recitation of Darood is being delivered to the prophet s.a.w by the angels. Alhamdulillah.

One thing is clear: you have indeed seen the prophet s.a.w in the dream because according to rasul Allah s.a.w “If anyone has seen me in a dream, he/she has indeed seen me for shaytan cannot come in my shape (or take shape)”. So rejoice in this knowledge and be happy.

Red, Green, Blue, White, brown turban is insignificant ; it means nothing in Islam. A person does not become pious by wearing any color turban. So do not be misguided in this regard. I saw Rasul Allah s.a.w in the dream 3 times and he wasn’t wearing any turban.

Now the hard part:  Your father will be answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgment for whatever he has done in this world (good or bad) and you will be responsible for your affairs. Neither he can deliver you from Hell nor help you enter Jannah; the same goes for you. No amount of prayers, khatm quran,  sadaka , hajj , umra on your part or his part will take off his sins that he may have committed against another human being in this world
(Walallaho aalum). Only sincere repentance to Allah and undoing the wrong to the person who has been affected, will rid one of the sins.

Maybe you have seen and observed him, since your childhood, to be the most pious man in this world but there are inner secrets , something from the past which is catching up to him, only Allah knows what that could be . The dark face of your father in the dark clouds is a clear indication that something went wrong with your papa due to his affairs in this world. The second dream where you saw the prophet and he is calling you to take you away and you getting scared is an indication that “you want to cling to your family environment which may not be suitable for you.” Again I am supposing that maybe there is haram involved in your family’s income and you know about it but tend to ignore and look away. Rasul Allah is offering his hand to take you away from all this filth due to the fact you are a pious and chaste women.

Think about all the facts I have laid bare to you. Take stock of your life; decide your future course of action. But remember, whatever you do, keep on sending darood (salutation) on Rasul Allah s.a.w. He is your ticket to Jannah Inshallah.