Sister sent this from Bangladesh

Assalamualaikum, my name is basmah. My fathers cousin proposed for his son 5 Years back and my parents said yes but i was very young at that time so they told them to wait. It has been 5years and they have been waiting. my fiance is very nice mashallah and i love and respect him alot and so does he and i really want to do this. my fiances parents got an istikhara done and it was good. my dadi did an istikhara for me and she had a dream that she is cooking kheer (rice pudding). i read the istikhara duah and slept and i had a dream that Allah is telling my dadi that she should proceed with the wedding and the boy is good for me and she should get me married and that he might get married again later but maybe not but i should marry him and the voice was very clear . what does this mean? pls reply soon
My Reply:
Here is the interpretation:
#1 Marry. Proceed with the wedding
#2 Boy is good (this is to mitigate yours and your elders’ concerns about the boy)
#3 Whatever the outcome of your marriage with him, you should proceed along and marry him because Allah has chosen him. If you do not do so, the next boy or man in your life would not be good, although he may seem like it to you and your family)