Dreams sent by Sisters & Brothers and their Interpretations:

Sister sent this from England March 2011

Assalam Walaikam

i was wondering if you could interpret an islamic dream i had a few days back? it would help me a lot,

Although it was a very short dream it got me thinking. My uncle passed away almost 2 years ago, he was a practicing Muslim and I always found him a very good role model.  He is obviously close to my heart and I do miss him, but whatever is   Allah swt’s will. 🙂

Anyway I had a dream a few days back where he came in my dream and he was of good character but he said something to me that has really creeped me out, he said in Feb 2016 everything will change which will make it very hard to be a good muslim. I think he also said something about how hell will be hard to escape?

It seems he was trying to warn me and telling me to be a better muslim now?

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

If he was a good Muslim like you said he was and close to God and you always found him truthful, then you should not doubt his words he spoke to you in the dream.

Look around you: do you find truthfulness in majority of Muslims today? People call themselves Muslims (meaning the one who is submissive to the will of Allah and saying of Quran) and you find them praying five times a day, fasting 30 days a year, performing hajj and paying zakat and charity yet if they are tested with temptation of sex, money and property they will be the first one to turn around and put the ayah of the Quran behind them, knowing well that Allah is watching them and He has prepared Fire for all such people who break His rules.

Today, majority of Muslims are caught in a vicious cycle of deceiving none other than themselves. They believe that 5 times daily prayers will save them no matter how bad they are; they believe Rasul Allah s.a.w will intercede for them even if they have committed murder, rape and inequities throughout their lives. Our prophet ( May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him, his companions and his family) will indeed intercede for the Muslims who may have been committing sins unknowingly but correcting themselves throughout their lives or those who have been seeking repentance from Allah after sin.  

This is just like the belief of the Christians that Jesus will intercede for them and take them to the Kingdom of Heaven if they (God forbid) believe that he is the only begotten son of God. Jesus, they claim will take all their sins on his head and get them through to Jannah. How wrong all these Christians and Muslims are will become apparent on the Day of Judgment when God will ask them to bring their Proof.

The time 2016 has already started dear. This is just a warning which was being delivered to you through your pious uncle and you must spread this word around. For you personally it will be a difficult task. The coming years could prove to be a test of your nerves in pursuing Islamic way of life; maybe due to the fact your family ways are not coinciding with your way of thinking or the person you marry or is already married to do not conform to your way of Islamic thinking. Anything you say to change the life of a person will go down as a good deed for you. At the same time, don’t be disappointed by those who may ridicule your dream. Always trust Allah and do good.


My Reply: (Sister has requested that her name and dream may be kept confidential)


First Dream:


No dream interpretation is required. Allah has been merciful towards you and drew a picture for you through the lens of a young lady who has lost her child yet she is confident in Allah that He will find the child for her and if the child is lost, He will provide another one.


The message is clear for you: rely on Allah completely, not half heartedly. Allah says in Quran “Oh you who believe, enter into the silmay (religion, faith, submission) completely…….”


Second Dream:


The child in your dream could be the one you have lost through dnc/abortion/still birth etc. Or he could be the one Allah will bless you later on in this life. Anyway, he has been preoccupying your thoughts together with the fear of hereafter when you saw this dream.


The dream interprets as such: you will be saved on the Day of Judgment Inshallah, together with the one who is

very dear to you (son). For this to become reality, have faith in your heart till the time of your death that there is no other god, helper, facilitator, cherisher, sustainer other than the One God. Never lose this hope; your survivor is dependent on this belief.


May Allah save you from the vagaries and hardships of the Day of Judgment. Aameen


PS: Please remember to seek my forgiveness and Jannah from Allah.