Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

salam u alaykum my brother
can you interpret my dream:
In my dream ,, I  was in the mosque with my friends ,, then my christian friend came to mosque who is girl ,,, thenafter I saw two white things that runs beside me that are told to me they are rabbits ,two rabbits, one is mother and other rabbit is children but I think it is femae rabbit ,, thay are moving inside mosque ,, then I tried to catch the child rabbit  ,, but I avoid myself not to kill them just catching.

My Reply:

This is a very auspicious dream for you. The Christian lady friend entering into the mosque and along with her two rabbits entering the mosque means two things:

#1 You will be instrumental in converting/influencing/ bringing people of other religion to Islam and they will follow you to the mosque

#2 Angles will seek blessings for you from Allah Subahallah ho Taala, Inshallah.

Keep up the good work brother and try to make other people understand the better side of Islam i.e. peace and tranquility that can come in their lives by following the principles of Islam and in the footsteps of our prophet (s.a.w.)

May Allah help you in your efforts and reward you for it.

If this interpretation helped you, please seek from Allah increase in my knowledge, sustenance and forgiveness.