Brother sent this from Saudi Arabia

Brother Aslamualikum

i dont know if your website is still runnning or not but i wanted you to help me wit two dreams.

1st dream: in my dream i see a big wall and there is alot of ropes comin from top of wall. people are rushing and trying to climbover to the other side. and they are using the ropes. mean while alot of people are climbing over wit ease and some of us get to the top and we are falling on our behind. at first it was not a big deal but when i saw people worrying, i realized it qiyama ( judgment day).

i kept trying to climb over but same results came my way. i pray to allah and said please take me back to earth for now i will start doing deeds, like praying and such. i kept pleading to allah and he finally answered my call. i woke up wit fear and sweat. it was fajr time indeed.

2nd dream: i believe it was after ramadan or maybe during.i cant recall. in my dream i went to this beautiful place masha’allah, every one was wearin white and the walls where white. and i saw couple of guys i know from mosque. and there is these doors kind of like ENTER AND EXIT doors. i knew right away it was the gates of jannah. some people are going thru these doors and going to other side but i just kept hanging around at the lobby. then i woke up. it was fajr time.

may allah increase your knowledge and make you a great scholar one day insha’allah. ameen

My Answer:

Walaikum Salam WarahamaAllah

Dream #1:

You have been negligent in your ibadah and prayers lately and it is taxing your mind. These thought have generated such feelings in your mind where you feel you need to repent to Allah.

This is what is shown to you in the dream. Right now your status is with those who are trying to climb over and enter Jannah and using the ropes but falling back due to negligence on their part; they are following their desire and that of the whims of the Shaytan and he has kept them busy in Mata ul Gurur (the life of this world and its captivation).

Eventually you will get your status back and Allah will bless you and forgive you but you need to sincerely repent to Allah for that.

Dream # 2 Interpretation is the same as the first one.


Brother from Nigeria sent this in December, 2010


i’ve recently been going downhill with my emaan,its gotten so bad that i have started to miss prayers and i have become really lazy,i hate it 🙁 before i was trying my up-most,praying, reading Quran etc,but its just crashed

sigh….last night i had a strange dream,i have forgotten most of it but what i do remember was that at the end of the dream,i was at the the door of Jannah,and i had this certain feeling it was and also prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was next to me but i could only see a white thobe and a bit of his shoulder and that his wives were on the other side of him.the doors opened and i could see green and a kind of sunset haze (i think it was just nuur) and we all entered together.

Brother May the one who created me and you and everything and every creation bless you with a good insight into the dream



Walaikum Salam Brother,

What you are going through I have gone through 100’s of times in my life. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything and I skip my prayers and am not steadfast; I get short tempered and disinterested; don’t feel like praying or reading and understanding Quran but rather watching TV, browsing the net, eating and sleeping etc. Well there is good news for you and millions of others like you and I: Congratulation on being a HUMAN BEING.

Our prophet (s.a.w) once told a sahabi (ra) that ” Oh Abduallah…………… your eyes have right over you, your body has a right over you, your wife has a right over you …………….” ( mutafaka ala hadis). What he was telling him was not to be excessive in the religion or it will surely overburden him. There are muslims in this world who are very pious and Allah has blessed them with knowledge and Hikmah but what they do not understand is that ” our ruh/spirit is trapped inside our body which is made up of soil and water as explained by Allah in the Quran in detail and it requires proper rest.

The truth is: our body can only take so much of anything. It gets tired and since our spirit/soul is part of our body it also follow suit. Sometimes, for apparent reasons, our mind starts sending signals to the body to rest since it has not rested enough to refresh the spirit. In west they call it “sleeplessness” or “insomnia”. Under such conditions we cannot concentrate on prayers or any Ibadah rather we feel like sitting, lying down ,eating or sleeping until we have recuperated enough.

To give you a small example when I went on Haj to Mecca ( Pilgrimage) for two days I couldn’t sleep due to the fact that the other Alhaaj staying with me in the room were very noisy and continuously coming in and out of the room the whole night. As such when I went to BaitAllah to pray I could not concentrate on prayers and was falling sleep throughout the fajr salah facing the Kaba and  standing before Allah and just wanted to give up prayer and fall asleep. (May Allah forgive me). So the next day the concerned person changed my room and I rested properly and got refreshed.

Your dream is a very nice one. Do not worry so much. Allah has shown you the abode of hereafter and has blessed you with the company of our blessed prophet s.a.w. Just take it easy, sleep well and the green and nur that was shown to you was an indication that you require little bit of green in your life i.e. go out and visit mountain side and lakes and glorify the One who has blessed you with the eyes that you can behold the beautiful wonders and inshallah He will rid you of the stress and you will be able to pray with a new vitality.