Brother sent this from Australia

Salam Alaykum

May Allah swt always fill you with knowledge and imaan. 

(just background information, i am from sydney, so you can understand context, end of last year and this year I have been very well into my deen islam, praying, voluntary praying, fasting, speaking good, prohibiting evil, high faith, detachment from world, don’t listen to music, and have stopped watching hollywood movies) I am always fascinated with dreams, so whenever i have a dream I immediately search for a meaning. ( I try to get interpretations from Ibin sirin’s book, but meanings always differ)

May Allah swt guide you and reward you for your effort, ameen ya rab Al Alamin, and May Allah swt ALWAYS send you glad tidings in your dreams. 


Walaikum Salam.

Only three of your dreams (not mentioned here) are Islamic. Rests are what Rasul Allah s.a.w. has described as “Rumblings of the Mind”.

Your dream about prayers signifies you are deep into prayers and that is very auspicious sign. You are safeguarding your prayers meaning you try your best and there is nothing into your mind except Allah.

Your dream about the Yellow sun and another sun and stars sucking into it and you looking up in a pleasant manner signify your status on the Day of Judgement would be blissful and your transition from this world to the other would be trouble-free inshallah.

Your last dream about having a house in Jannah is a tricky one. Although Faroh’s wife prayed to her Lord but her Status is higher as she has been mentioned by Allah in the Quran and her sacrifice was much greater than most humans. She has definitely earned her house in Jannah. That is not your case yet.  This is what you must do: In your dream you see some familiar faces wearing immodest clothing which is apparently abhorrent to you yet you do nothing about it. This dream is shown to you to let you know that you will have a home in the Jannah but it will come at a cost; that cost is educating, guiding, advising those people who may be among your friends or family and involved in immoral activities which is hateful in your Lord’s sight. Allah is giving you an opportunity to prove that you are worth the house that is being planned out for you.

Hope you have taken a cue and follow it to its conclusion but mind you use skills and tact not coercion in recommending to others to change their ways.