Brother send this from India

Dear brother in Islam,

dream:1)Take my salam. Recently I had a dream where I saw an unknown women died and I agreed to pay all the expense for her funeral.And I was feeling so good to pay her expense though in my dream it didn’t seem like an obligatory act upon me.For your information the women died in my dream was very poor.

dream:2)In another dream I saw a person whom I killed out of revenge.After killing I was very much afraid of convicted in murder case.Though I didn’t get arrested.

dream:3)I was riding in a strongly made vehicle and the vehicle was bigger in size.It was going so fast that sometime I got afraid of a collusion.Though I was not worried about myself because I was feeling safe inside it rather I got worried about other vehicles on the road.

Please brother put some light on this three dream.salam. 

My Reply:

Walaikum Salam

Last two dreams are what Rasul Allah has described as “Rumbling of the mind dreams” I do not interpret such dreams.

First one is a good one; it will come under the ambit of Islamic dreams as you are helping the poor. That’s what required of you. Help out the needy. Maybe someone in your family or neighborhood is needy and requires assistance and you are able to help them but the womenfolk in your house are against charity. You determine the path yourself and do not let others dictate it for you. Allah is close to those who love the poor and needy. May Allah show you much better dreams heralding His mercy. Aameen